Witch Halloween Costumes For Women And Girls

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Witch Halloween CostumesWitch Halloween Costumes

Witch Halloween costumes have been one of the most popular costume choices for many, many Halloweens in the past. Today there are so many fun designs for witch costumes that are very cool and unique.

You will find lots of fun witch Halloween costumes for women and girls rounded up for you here.  I’ve done all the searching so you can save time and money.

Add makeup and other accessories, as you desire, too.

Choose from colorful or classic witch Halloween costumes for women and girls, and have a bewitching Halloween this and every year!

Mom and daughters can dress as matching witches, or siblings can choose a colorful witch costume so they will look similar yet unique.

Image: Pixabay

Witch Halloween Costumes For Girls

Girls of all ages will have fun dressing as a witch for Halloween! They have lots of great witch costume options showcased below. Which one will your little girl prefer? There’s something here for all ages and sizes.


Fairytale Witch Girls CostumeFairytale Witch Girls CostumeStory Book Witch CostumeStory Book Witch CostumeWizard of Oz Wicked WitchWizard of Oz Wicked WitchIncantasia Glamour Witch CostumeIncantasia Glamour Witch CostumeLittle Girls' Twinkle Witch CostumeLittle Girls’ Twinkle Witch CostumeCharmed Witch Girl's CostumeCharmed Witch Girl’s CostumeChild's Glitter Witch CostumeChild’s Glitter Witch CostumeStorybook Witch CostumeStorybook Witch CostumeDarling Little Witch CostumeDarling Little Witch CostumePurple Potion Witch CostumePurple Potion Witch CostumeDarling Little Witch CostumeDarling Little Witch CostumeSpiderina Witch CostumeSpiderina Witch CostumeWild Witch CostumeWild Witch CostumeSparkle Star Witch CostumeSparkle Star Witch CostumeCandy Corn Witch CostumeCandy Corn Witch Costume


The Craft Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I understand there’s a reboot of the 90’s movie “The Craft.”  I’m looking forward to seeing it!  In the meantime, if you want to add a little pizzazz to your witch Halloween costume, check out this makeup tutorial for some great ideas.

Witch Halloween Costumes for Women

We also have lots of great witch costumes for women showcased below. Choose your style and let the fun begin! Will you be a good witch or a bad witch this year for Halloween?  I’m kind of torn myself.  It’s so hard to choose which witch I’ll be with all these fabulous witch Halloween costumes!  How about you?

Incantasia, The Glamour WitchIncantasia, The Glamour WitchEmerald Witch CostumeEmerald Witch CostumeGoth Maiden Witch CostumeGoth Maiden Witch CostumeDeluxe Hooded Long DressDeluxe Hooded Long DressWizard Of Oz 75th Anniversary Edition Wicked Witch Of The WestWizard Of Oz 75th Anniversary Edition Wicked Witch Of The WestSalem Witchs CostumeSalem Witchs CostumeSalem Witch Sexy Long DressSalem Witch Sexy Long DressOz The Great and Powerful Wicked Witch Of The West Dress and HatOz The Great and Powerful Wicked Witch Of The West Dress and HatCosplay Witch CostumeCosplay Witch CostumeSexy Witch Spider Gown CostumeSexy Witch Spider Gown CostumeBewitching Witch CostumeBewitching Witch CostumeClassic Witch Adult CostumeClassic Witch Adult CostumeWomen's Classic Witch CostumeWomen’s Classic Witch CostumeWomen's Scarlet Witch CostumeWomen’s Scarlet Witch CostumeMagical Lady Witch CostumeMagical Lady Witch CostumeMischievous Witch Adult CostumeMischievous Witch Adult Costume


Witch Halloween Costumes For Sale On eBay

The witch Halloween costumes on eBay are to die for!  Check out this sampling of witch costumes that I found for you and see if you don’t agree.  Keep an eye out for unique and affordable witch Halloween costumes on eBay and you just might be able to conjure up a real bargain!

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