Tarzan & Jane Halloween Costumes

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Tarzan Jane Halloween CostumesTarzan & Jane Halloween Costumes

Tarzan & Jane Halloween costumes got a whole new look in 2016 with the release of The Legend Of Tarzan movie.  Come on ladies, tell the truth:  How many of you paid any attention to Tarzan before Alexander Skarsgard? I know I didn’t! *wink*

Tarzan & Jane are the ultimate costumes for couples of course. Men and women alike will have a blast with this variety of Tarzan costumes. Dress as your favorite jungle characters this Halloween, and be the hit of the party.

Kids can even get in on the action, and don’t forget to have someone dress as a gorilla to complete the Tarzan jungle theme. This is a fun idea for whole family costumes or group costumes, too.

My mom was a fan of the Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movies back in the day.  I’ve seen a couple and they actually are adorable.  I actually did enjoy Christopher Lambert’s Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes.  It was good for it’s time, but now we have our favorite ‘striking viking’ and well…just wow.

The terrific story is still true to its roots.  Orphaned as a baby, Tarzan was raised by apes in the jungle. Can you believe we’ve loved the story since Tarzan first appeared in the novel Tarzan of the Apes in 1914?  Talk about an enduring story!

What I didn’t know was that there were subsequently 25 sequels, several authorized books by other authors, and lots of works in other media, both authorized and unauthorized.

Image: Romics 2015 – Fall by taymtaym on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Tarzan & Jane Costumes For Kids

There’s no doubt that small children look adorable in just about any costume.  But wait…you have to see these amazing handmade, custom Tarzan & Jane Halloween Costumes for kids.  They take that cuteness to a whole new level!  Can you imagine having a photo session with your new baby or grandbaby in one of these costumes?

Tarzan Costume for ToddlersTarzan Costume for ToddlersTarzan Low Cut Costume for YouthTarzan Low Cut Costume for YouthJane PorterJane PorterTarzan inspired Jane dress city dressTarzan inspired Jane dress city dressLittle Boy Tarzan Birthday outfitLittle Boy Tarzan Birthday outfitJane of Tarzan Inspired DressJane of Tarzan Inspired Dress

Little boys and Tarzan just belong together. Check out these fun jungle costumes for boys from Amazon. They’d be great for school plays, birthday or Halloween parties or just backyard jungle dress up.

Tarzan Kids CostumeTarzan Kids CostumeCaveman or Cavegirl Costume for Kids One Size 5-9 YearsCaveman or Cavegirl Costume for Kids One Size 5-9 Years

Tarzan Jane Halloween Costumes For Adults

Tarzan & Jane have that beautiful, fictional love story that makes them the perfect subject of costumes for couples. The couple is now beloved by cosplayers because of the beauty of The Legend Of Tarzan in 2016. Cosplay costumes are luscious, detailed replicas of an original movie or theater costume. Jane makes a lovely subject for her movie cosplay costume, don’t you think?

Tarzan Jane Porter Cosplay CostumeTarzan Jane Porter Cosplay CostumeCosplayDiy Women's Fairy Tale Princess Costume Dress YellowCosplayDiy Women’s Fairy Tale Princess Costume Dress YellowJane from Tarzan Broadway Inspired Wig Quality Custom Couture StyledJane from Tarzan Broadway Inspired Wig Quality Custom Couture StyledJane Porter CosplayJane Porter Cosplay

Tarzan Costumes For Men

Authentic Mens Loincloth Authentic Mens Loincloth “TRIPLE FLAP” Deerskin Leather COMICON Natural Brown Swimwear Sexy Tarzan Custom Handmade by Debbie Leather

There’s an extra measure of authenticity in handmade costumes, don’t you think? Most are made to order from your measurements and shipped directly to you by it’s creator.

Tarzan is all about the loin cloth during his jungle life. But instead of felt or polyester, why not invest in a quality handmade costume in real leather!

You’ll quickly become the center of all the ladies’ attention when you arrive at the party in one of these amazing loincloths.

But if you’re more toward the one piece set with a bit more…”coverage,” the leopard print strongman/wrestling costume is loads of fun as well.

Whichever handmade Tarzan costume you choose, rest assured that the artists of Etsy will create a high quality garment to your measurements.


Authentic Leather Loincloth FESTIVAL Deerskin Unisex COMICON Fetish Brown Swimwear Sexy Tarzan Custom Handmade by Debbie LeatherAuthentic Leather Loincloth FESTIVAL Deerskin Unisex COMICON Fetish Brown Swimwear Sexy Tarzan Custom Handmade by Debbie LeatherStrongman Costume Tarzan Wrestling Singlet Men's Animal PrintStrongman Costume Tarzan Wrestling Singlet Men’s Animal Print


More Tarzan Jane Halloween Costumes

Now if it’s Tarzan & Jane Halloween costumes for party wear that you’re looking for, well…I found those too. Any of these would be super-fun costumes for couples this Halloween. Think costume party! How fun would that be!

Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan Adult Tarzan CostumeEdgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan Adult Tarzan CostumeTarzan Secret Wishes Jungle Jane CostumeTarzan Secret Wishes Jungle Jane CostumeEdgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan Deluxe Adult Tarzan Costume With Muscle ChestEdgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan Deluxe Adult Tarzan Costume With Muscle ChestTarzan Secret Wishes Hunter Jane CostumeTarzan Secret Wishes Hunter Jane CostumeDreamgirl Tarzan Adult Costume-Dreamgirl Tarzan Adult Costume-Women's Costume Dress YellowWomen’s Costume Dress Yellow

Tarzan Jane Costume Bargains On eBay

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  1. Tarzan and Jane always make me think of a childhood rhyme. We thought it was so funny, because it goes, “Tarzan swinging through the air. Tarzan lost his underwear. Tarzan said, ‘Me don’t care. Jane make me another pair.'” It goes on and on through all the different characters. Thanks for the memories! LOL

  2. OMG that’s hilarious! I’ve never heard that before, ROFL! Thanks for sharing it, I love it!

  3. I’d have never guessed that Tarzan & Jane had that many sequels. I love the kids’ Tarzan & Jane outfits b.t.w

  4. Hi Zim! Thank you so much for visiting ~ I know, I couldn’t believe it either. In fact, I’d almost forgotten about Greystoke even. Maybe looking at the Alexander Starsgard posters too long. LOLOL

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