Unbearably Cute Bear Halloween Costumes

Bear Halloween CostumesBear Halloween Costumes

These Bear Halloween Costumes are ideal for Halloween or photo shots. You’ll find cute bear costumes here for babies, older kids, and even for adults!

Why not dress as a bear family for Halloween this year, and get a bear Halloween costume for every member of the household? Just think how adorable you all will look!

Bear Halloween costumes are also perfect for birthday parties and dress up. Some can even be worn as pajamas!

You’ll find many styles of bear Halloween costumes featured below, and to learn more about any of the products, simply click on the photos.

You and your family will be the hits of the party in your unbearably cute bear Halloween costumes this year!

Featured Image:  Baby Bear by James Willcox on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Bear Costumes for Babies

Your infant or toddler will look so adorable in these bear Halloween costumes for babies! Find brown bears, Care Bears, koala bears, and even Pooh Bear featured below. We do multiple merchant searches for your convenience ~ feel free to match prices and check available sizes.

Tie Dye Bear Jumpsuit CostumeTie Dye Bear Jumpsuit CostumeBear Oatmeal Toddler CostumeBear Oatmeal Toddler CostumeBear Infant CostumeBear Infant CostumeCute Bear Pajamas Infant CostumeCute Bear Pajamas Infant CostumeCare Bear Champ Infant CostumeCare Bear Champ Infant Costume


Infant Noah Ark CollectionInfant Noah Ark CollectionBaby's Lil' Teddy BearBaby’s Lil’ Teddy BearCostumes Baby's Lil' Polar BearCostumes Baby’s Lil’ Polar BearBaby Girl's Care Bears WonderheartBaby Girl’s Care Bears WonderheartBaby's Cuddly Bear InfantBaby’s Cuddly Bear InfantTom Arma BearTom Arma BearGrateful Dead Dancing BearGrateful Dead Dancing BearOatmeal Bear Infant CostumeOatmeal Bear Infant CostumeBaby's Panda Belly-BabiesBaby’s Panda Belly-BabiesInfant Oatmeal Bear CostumeInfant Oatmeal Bear CostumeFantasy World Boys Girls CostumeFantasy World Boys Girls CostumeTeddy Bear Toddler CostumeTeddy Bear Toddler CostumeBaby's Disney Winnie The PoohBaby’s Disney Winnie The Pooh


Bear Costumes for Kids

These unbearably cute bear Halloween costumes for kids are ideal for both boys and girls. There are many different styles to choose from below, so every little bear in your family will be happy!

Child Bear CostumeChild Bear CostumeChild Polar Bear CostumeChild Polar Bear CostumeBig Boys' Polar Bear CostumeBig Boys’ Polar Bear CostumeTween Cheer Bear CostumeTween Cheer Bear CostumeCare Bears Bedtime Bear CostumeCare Bears Bedtime Bear CostumeTween Tenderheart Bear CostumeTween Tenderheart Bear CostumeTween Funshine Bear CostumeTween Funshine Bear CostumeTween Good Luck Bear CostumeTween Good Luck Bear CostumeChild Deluxe Furry Bear CostumeChild Deluxe Furry Bear CostumeBig Boys' Child Bear CostumeBig Boys’ Child Bear CostumeKids' Bear Jumpsuit CostumeKids’ Bear Jumpsuit CostumeBear Kids CostumeBear Kids CostumeFunsies Bailey Bear, ChildFunsies Bailey Bear, ChildUnisex Children's Bear CostumeUnisex Children’s Bear CostumeKid's Cartoon Animal Yellow BearKid’s Cartoon Animal Yellow BearBeary Adorable CostumeBeary Adorable Costume


Cute Bear Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Bear Costumes for Adults

Men and women will enjoy dressing as a bear for Halloween or other costume events, too! These bear costumes for adults will help them step out in style, while being unbearably cute, as well! Be Care Bear, a grizzly a polar, or a brown bear, along with others.

Dress Up America Bear MascotDress Up America Bear MascotPlush Honey Bear MascotPlush Honey Bear MascotRG Costumes Bailey BearRG Costumes Bailey BearRasta Imposta Ted JumpsuitRasta Imposta Ted JumpsuitUnisex Costume Bear OnesieUnisex Costume Bear OnesieLeg Avenue Women's Care BearsLeg Avenue Women’s Care BearsGrateful Dead Dancing BearGrateful Dead Dancing BearAdult Grizzly Bear CostumeAdult Grizzly Bear CostumeSmiffy's Men's Bear CostumeSmiffy’s Men’s Bear CostumeRasta Imposta Panda CostumeRasta Imposta Panda CostumeBrown Bear Mascot Costume TeenBrown Bear Mascot Costume TeenTeddy Bear Girl CostumeTeddy Bear Girl CostumePlush Polar Bear MascotPlush Polar Bear MascotMen's Grumpy Bear CostumeMen’s Grumpy Bear CostumeWomen's Snowy Polar BearWomen’s Snowy Polar Bear


Bear Halloween Costumes For Sale On eBay

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