Supergirl Halloween Costumes For Women And Girls

Supergirl Halloween costumes are enjoying a big boost in popularity thanks to the cool TV show, Supergirl on CBS.  The sweet little cousin of the Man Of Steel has become very popular with girls of all ages.

Who wouldn’t want to dress as Supergirl for Halloween, birthday parties or other fun events?  Well, get ready to have some fun with me as we check out some adorable Supergirl Halloween costumes.  These costumes are fantastic for all kinds of superhero work, like parades, hospital visits, festivals…and I bet you can think of more!

It’s no wonder that Supergirl is finding lots of new fans, along with the fans she’s had since she was introduced in 1959.  Given her own Supergirl #1 comic in 2011, she’s been on the go ever since.  She’s got all of Superman’s powers and a streak of teen attitude.  I’d say that’s the perfect recipe for costume fun.

Did you hear that Superman and Supergirl will butt heads in Season 2?  It was announced at Comic-Con on July 23, 2016.  Sounds like more fun than a barrel of superheroes!  Don’t forget she’s moving from CBS to the CW!  I wouldn’t miss it!

Enjoy these Supergirl Halloween costumes and be sure to pick out something cute for your next party or special event.  You’ll look…super!

Image:  SuperGirl by Ali Zaidan on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Supergirl Halloween Costumes for Women

You’ll be the talk of the office Halloween party in one of these sweet Supergirl Halloween costumes.  I love these!

Don’t forget your Supergirl costume is perfect for fund-raisers, festivals and volunteer work like visiting kids at the hospital.  Can  you imagine a child’s eyes when you walk in the room in your Supergirl costume?  Great way to get extra mileage out of  your Halloween costume!

Secret Wishes DC Comics SupergirlSecret Wishes DC Comics SupergirlSupergirl Costume - TeenSupergirl Costume – TeenAdult Sexy Supergirl Costume -Adult Sexy Supergirl Costume –Secret Wishes Womens DC ComicsSecret Wishes Womens DC ComicsAdult Supergirl Costume - WomensAdult Supergirl Costume – WomensSecret Wishes DC Comics SupergirlSecret Wishes DC Comics SupergirlSecret Wishes Womens DC ComicsSecret Wishes Womens DC ComicsDC Comics Super-Girl T-Shirt WithDC Comics Super-Girl T-Shirt WithSuperman Supergirl Blue & RedSuperman Supergirl Blue & Red


Supergirl Costumes For Girls
Image: Supergirls by Leonid Mamchenkov on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Supergirl Halloween Costumes for Girls

Take a look at these cutie pies all dolled up in their Supergirl Halloween costumes.  Hey, don’t forget ~ Supergirl costumes for girls are also perfect for parties, parades or just playing dress up.  Your little superhero may not even want to take her costume off!

Rubie's Costume Supergirl Baby GirlRubie’s Costume Supergirl Baby GirlSuperman Romper With Removable CapeSuperman Romper With Removable CapeRubies Supergirl Costume, ToddlerRubies Supergirl Costume, ToddlerSuper DC Heroes Supergirl Child'sSuper DC Heroes Supergirl Child’sPink Supergirl Child's Costume, SmallPink Supergirl Child’s Costume, SmallJustice League Child's Supergirl TutuJustice League Child’s Supergirl Tutu


Supergirl Halloween Costumes on eBay

Check out these super deals on Supergirl Halloween costumes on eBay.  I still love shopping eBay for those special items I want and I’m never disappointed!  Aren’t these Supergirl costumes adorable?

Supergirl Halloween Costumes
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