Smurfs Halloween Costumes

Get Your Smurf on with These Cute Smurfs Halloween Costumes

The Smurfs Movie Romper Costume, Smurf, Toddler SizeView DetailsThese adorable Smurf costumes will be the hit of the party, and your entire family can dress as a Smurf!

Kids and adults alike will enjoy dressing as their favorite Smurf for Halloween or other costume events.

Smurfs are little blue gnomes who live in mushroom shaped houses in the woods. There are over 100 characters in the cartoon series, each has a name that describes his or her characteristics, such as Papa Smurf, Jokey Smurf, and so on.

The Smurfs have been loved by a couple of generations of kids now and their popularity just doesn’t seem to fade.  They are funny, cute and tons of fun ~ and so are Smurfs Halloween costumes!

Get your Smurf costume today at great prices! Simply click on the photos showcased here to learn more about each Smurf costume.

Featured Image:  Smurf by Tim Marshall on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Smurfs Halloween Costumes For Infants & Toddlers

Tiny tots they may be, but they are big fans of the little Smurfs! Your baby will be all smiles when they can dress up as Smurfs just like their big brother or sister. Aren’t these Smurf costumes for babies adorable?

The Smurfs 2 Deluxe Smurf Romper and HeadpieceThe Smurfs Romper And Headpiece SmurfetteSmurf Costume – InfantThe Smurfs Movie Romper Costume, Papa SmurfThe Smurfs Romper And Headpiece Gargamel

Smurfs Halloween Costumes for Kids

Kids will get a kick out of dressing as a Smurf for Halloween. They will also enjoy having some of these Smurf Halloween costumes on had for dress-up play at home, anytime they desire. There’s something here for everyone, from babies to older children!

Smurf Kids CostumeSmurfs Movie Papa Smurf CostumeSmurfs Movie Smurfette CostumeThe Smurfs – Smurf Dress Child CostumeBoy Smurf Costume – KidsThe Smurfs Movie 2 Vexy CostumeThe Smurfs Smurfette Child CostumeSmurfs: Hackus Kids CostumeDeluxe Smurf Costume

The Smurfs Costume Accessories

The Smurfs, Child’s Smurfette Wig and Make Up

Rubie’s Costume Smurf Adult Hat/Headpiece, White, One SizeRubie’s Costume Co The Smurfs Smurfette Wig, Blonde, One SizeRubie’s Costume The Smurfs 2 Adult Vinyl Brainy Mask, Blue/White, One SizeThe Smurfs, Smurf Makeup KitRubie’s Costume Grouchy Adult Vinyl Mask, Blue/White, One SizeThe Smurfs Movie Costume Accessory, Child’s White HatRubies The Smurfs: Smurf Shoes CoversRubie’s Costume Smurf Mittens Child Costume

Smurfs Halloween Costumes for Adults

These adult Smurf costumes are just what any costume event calls for. Go blue and go have fun! Adults will enjoy dressing as their favorite Smurf character. You can add accessories, if you want, or not…the choice is yours. There is fun waiting to be had by all!

Deluxe Smurf Costume – X-Large – Chest SizeRubie’s Costume The Smurfs 2 Adult Papa Smurf,Rubie’s Costume The Smurfs 2 Adult Smurfette, Blue/White,Secret Wishes Smurfs Sexy Smurfette Costume Dress,Rubie’s Costume The Smurfs 2 Adult Deluxe Smurf,Rubie’s Costume Blue 2nd Skin Mask, Blue, AdultRubie’s Costume The Smurfs 2 Adult Vexy, Multicolor,Adult Smurf Costume, Blue/White, StandardRubie’s Costume The Smurfs 2 Hackus Dress-Up Kit,Hackus Smurf 2 Costume Adult


JWUP The Smurfs Movie 2 Papa Smurf MascotView Details

The Smurfs Movie 2 Papa Smurf Mascot Costume for Adults

Papa Smurf Mascot Costume for Adults including: head + body suit + gloves + shoes.

This is the ultimate costume for Halloween, promoting businesses, or for any fun costume event or party!  Are you planning a fundraiser for a children’s charity?   Will you be in a parade this Fall?  Papa Smurf is the perfect choice for an attention grabbing mascot costume.

Comfortable and light to wear, it’s a great way to get attention for any event.  He’s so natural looking, don’t you think?



Smurfs Halloween Costumes On eBay

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