Skylanders Halloween Costumes For Kids

Skylanders Halloween Costumes For Kids

Kids love dressing up as their favorite Skylanders characters with these cool Skylanders Halloween Costumes for kids! There are lots of great costume ideas below that kids will enjoy.

Kids costumes can be worn not only for Halloween but for anytime they want to play dress up at home.  Maybe they can dress up to play their game.  Or they could have a Skylanders theme birthday party.

The Activision Skylanders video game series is played by placing character figures on the “Portal of Power.”  The portal reads the figures’ tags  and “imports” the character into the game as a playable character.

Now your kids can enjoy playing their favorite character with these fun Skylander Halloween costumes for kids.

Featured Image: San Diego Comic-Con 2014 – Jet-Vac from Skylanders by William Tung on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Here Are The Skylanders!

I love these bright and colorful Skylanders Halloween costumes, don’t you? So imaginative and…Creative! The kids are sure to love them too.

Skylanders Giants Deluxe Jet Vac CostumeSkylanders Giants Deluxe Crusher CostumeRubies Skylanders Swap Force Chop Chop CostumeRubies Skylanders Swap Force Wash Buckler CostumeSkylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Spyro The Dragon CostumeRubies Skylanders Swap Force Stink Bomb CostumeRubies Skylanders Swap Force Night Shift CostumeRubies Skylanders Swap Force Chop Chop Kids CostumeSkylanders Spyro’s Adventure, Deluxe Spyro CostumeSkylanders Giants Halloween Sensations Crusher CostumeSkylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Trigger Happy Gremlin Gunslinger CostumeSkylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Gill Grunt CostumeSkylanders Spyro’s Adventue Chop Chop CostumeRubies Skylanders Swap Force Tree Rex CostumeRubies Teen Tween Trigger Happy Skylanders Costume HoodieSkylanders Spyro’s Adventure, Deluxe Trigger Happy CostumeSkylander’s Spyro Hoodie Costume for KidsDeluxe Spyro CostumeSkylanders Night Shift Boys’ Halloween CostumeDeluxe Spyro Costume Skylander Giants Tree Rex Costume

Skylanders Costume Accessories

Costume accessories are just as important as the costume itself because they add that extra bit of fun to pretend play and dress up. Kids can choose from a variety of Skylanders Halloween costume accessories below. No costume is complete without a few accessories!

Skylanders Swap Force – Chop Chop ShieldSkylanders Swap Force – Stink Bomb Ninja StarSkylanders Swap Force – Chop Chop SwordSkylanders Swap Force – Wash Buckler SwordSkylanders Giants Spyro MaskRubies Kids Boys Girls Spyro Dragon Skylanders CostumeRubies Kids Boys Girls Trigger Happy Skylanders CostumeSkylanders Swap Force – Night Shift Boxing GlovesLegendary Skylanders Giants Button SetSkylanders – Swap Force WalletSkylanders Giants Boys Storm Blue Zip Up CostumeSkylanders Swap Force Night Shift Boxing Costume Gloves

Skylanders Halloween Costumes For Kids On eBay

Any search for the best costumes for kids has to include a search over on eBay. I find the most fantastic stuff over there! When it’s time to find a popular item like these Skylanders Halloween costumes for kids, it’s time to invest just a few minutes to check eBay. I did…and look at all these great Skylanders Halloween Costumes!

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