Terrific Santa Claus Costumes For Adults To Make Your Holidays Jolly

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Santa Claus Costumes For AdultsHere Comes Santa Claus ~ Santa Claus Costumes For Adults

Santa Claus costumes for adults are ready and waiting to help you with your Christmas party or any Christmas event where you want to play Santa Claus.

There are many different kinds of Santa Claus costumes for adults available too.  No matter what kind of event you’re having or which particular Santa Claus you want to be, there are plenty of Santa Claus costumes to choose from.

The kids eyes will light up when they see you come out as Santa Claus at your Christmas party, block party, school carnival or festival.

Here in my city, Santa Claus arrives by helicopter just in time to light the Christmas tree lights at our Harbor Lights Festival.  He rides in our Christmas parades and attends lots of other functions.  I’m sure there are lots of fun Christmas events where you are too.  Let us know about some of them in the comments, would you?  I love hearing about them all!

Let’s take a look at some of the best Santa Claus costumes for adults that I was able to round up for you.  You’re going to love these!

Adult Santa Claus CostumeAdult Santa Claus CostumeBuy Now At Costumes For SantaMascot Santa Claus CostumeMascot Santa Claus CostumeBuy Now At Costumes For SantaPremiere Santa SuitPremiere Santa SuitBuy Now At Costumes For Santa


Party Santa SuitBuy Now At Costumes For Santa

Party Santa Claus Suit

Are you this year’s office Christmas party Santa Claus? Or maybe you’re going to dress as Santa Claus for the day at the office or some other function where a lighter Santa Claus suit will do just fine. This party Santa suit is the one for you!

The Party Santa Suit comes with the jacket, elastic waist pants and a matching Santa hat. It also includes the black boot tops with white fur cuffs, a black belt, white gloves.

The Santa hat has a white beard attached and attached to the white beard is a mustache. You even get some peppermint swirled glasses!

Bring a smile to everyone at the Christmas party with this terrific Santa Clause costume for adults.

Victorian Santa OutfitBuy Now At Costumes For Santa

Victorian Santa Claus Suit

Here is my personal favorite Santa Claus. The Santa of the past, Victorian Santa Claus! This Santa Claus costume would be wonderful for a Christmas play – think Scrooge’s Ghost Of Christmas Past.

The Santa suit would be wonderful for parades, family portrait taking and more.

The Victorian Santa Claus costume for adults is made up of a short sleeve green satin tunic trimmed in gold, a gold rope belt, and a lovely velvet cape with capelet trimmed in gold and white long hair.

The Victorian Santa suit is partially satin lined. One size fits most adults. The Santa wig and beard are sold separately.

Santa Claus Costumes For Adults

Professional Santa Claus Costumes For Adults

Take it up a notch with these professional quality Santa Claus costumes for adults from Costumes For Santa. If you will be volunteering to be Santa Claus for the kids in the hospital this year, or you’re a photographer and you need a professional quality Santa Suit ~ don’t miss these. They are sensational, aren’t they?

Deluxe Traditional Santa SuitBuy Now At Costumes For SantaBurgundy Deluxe Santa SuitBuy Now At Costumes For SantaOld Tyme Santa SuitBuy Now At Costumes For SantaRegal Red Velvet Santa SuitBuy Now At Costumes For SantaFather ChristmasBuy Now At Costumes For SantaTraditional Santa SuitBuy Now At Costumes For Santa

Santa Claus Costumes For Adults On Amazon

Be sure to check Amazon for their great deals on Santa Claus costumes for adults.  They have good price points and quality costumes available for everyone.  You’re bound to find a Santa Claus costume you’ll love at Amazon.

Santa Claus 10pc Complete Adult CostumeDeluxe Regal Santa Claus SuitMen’s Adult Pub Crawl Santa Suit8-Pc Deluxe Velvet Santa SuitDeluxe Ultra Velvet Santa SuitCrimson Regency Plush Santa Suit

Santa Claus University

Interested in being Santa Claus professionally? Experienced, skilled Santas can earn up to $100,000 per year. Check out Santa Tim’s savvy business tips for being your best Santa in this report about his Santa Claus University.

Santa Claus Costumes For Adults For Sale On eBay

Of course, you really don’t want to miss checking eBay for some jingling good deals on Santa Claus Costumes for Adults. You never know what you’ll be able to find over there and that’s part of the shopping fun! Just look at these ~

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