Santa Claus Costume Accessories To Rock Your Santa Costume

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Santa Claus Costume Accessories

Are you shopping for Santa Claus costume accessories?  You’ve come to the right place!  We have all your holiday costume ideas as well as costume accessories ~ everything you need from lots of quality online merchants ~ right here in one convenient place for you to enjoy your shopping from the comfort of your home.

So you’re going to be Santa Claus this year?  Have you checked out our Santa Claus costumes for adults?  Let’s fix you up with the best Santa Claus costume accessories we can assemble for you.

To be the very best Santa you can be, you’ll want to rock the outfit with the perfect Santa Claus costume accessories.  You know, the wig, beard, glasses, and that great big toy bag!

Are you ready to have a fabulous time dressing up as Santa Claus for family, friends, parties and any other wonderful event you’re planning?  You’ll be a huge hit with these Santa Claus costume accessories!

Santa Claus Costume Accessories – Beards & Wigs

The crowning glory of any Santa Claus costume is Santa’s wig and beard. Like with any other of the Santa Claus costume accessories you’ll find here, there are varying price points depending on the quality of the wig & beard. I’ve tried to put together a good range of Santa wigs and beards for you, from professional quality to economical. Enjoy!

Professional Santa Wig & Beard SetProfessional Santa Wig & Beard SetBuy Now At Costumes For SantaSanta Wig & Beard Set; Attached MoustacheSanta Wig & Beard Set; Attached MoustacheBuy Now At Costumes For SantaForum Deluxe Santa Wig and Beard Set, White, One SizeForum Deluxe Santa Wig and Beard Set, White, One Size


Santa Claus Costume Accessories – Santa Bellies

Well, if Santa’s crowning glory are his wig and beard, then what about that jolly belly? Where would Santa Claus be without that wonderful belly that shakes when he laughs? Professional Santa Claus or party Santa ~ you’ve got to have the right Santa Belly!

Santa Suit StufferSanta Suit StufferBuy Now At Costumes For SantaWhite Santa StufferWhite Santa StufferBuy Now At Costumes For SantaSanta BellySanta BellyMen's Costume Belly StufferMen’s Costume Belly Stuffer


Santa Claus Costume Accessories – White Gloves

All of the Santa Claus costume accessories on this page are important for presenting a good Santa, but Santa must have his impeccably white gloves, too. The choices for Santa’s gloves are excellent. I know you’ll find a pair that’s perfect for your costume.

Nylon Santa GlovesBuy Now At Costumes For SantaSanta’s GlovesBuy Now At Costumes For Santa

Amscan Santa Gloves, One Size Fits All, WhiteMen’s White Santa GlovesBasic Santa Claus or Clown Gloves Costume AccessorySunnywood Men’s Polyester Santa Gloves, White, One SizeRubies Costumes Santa Gloves One Size White

Santa Claus Costume Accessories – Santa Belts

Here are some very handsome Santa’s belts to support Santa’s belly! I’m partial to the suspenders myself, but that would depend on your costume, wouldn’t it? The ornate Santa belts would set off a Santa Claus costume very nicely too.  Look sharp, Santa ~ with one of these Santa Belts!

Cast Buckle Santa BeltBuy Now At Costumes For SantaHeavy Duty Santa SuspendersBuy Now At Costumes For SantaSanta’s BeltBuy Now At Costumes For Santa

Halco Decorative Buckle Santa Belt Xlarge Black – X-LargeForum Novelties Men’s Deluxe Adult Santa Belt Costume Accessory, Black, One Size

Santa Claus Costume Accessories – Boots & Boot Covers/Tops

Every Santa should have a spiffy set of Santa boots, boot covers or boot tops.  These are some of the easiest Santa Claus costume accessories to shop for.  It’s not that the selection is small ~ it’s that the selection is so GOOD!  Look snappy with any of these Santa boots to go with the rest of your Santa Claus Costume Accessories.

Leather Santa BootBuy Now At Costumes For SantaDeluxe Santa BootsBuy Now At Costumes For Santa

Wide Calf Professional Santa Boots (Large) [Apparel]Professional Santa Boots Medium (10-11) Costume AccessoryRubie’s Men’s Deluxe Santa Boot Tops, Black, One SizeFuntasma by Pleaser Men’s Halloween Santa-108 Boot,Black,M (US Men’s 10-11 M)Nick Costume Shoes – LargeAmscan Santa Boot Covers, One Size Fits Most, Black

Michael Bublé – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town [Official Music Video]

How about some jolly Christmas music to get us in the mood to dress up as Santa Claus?  What’s that you say?  Yes, Santa Claus IS coming to town as a matter of fact!

Santa Claus Costume Accessories – Glasses

Everyone will appreciate how you pay attention to detail when they see your Santa glasses.  It’s those extra touches that make your Santa Claus costume more authentic.  Make your Santa extra special by including his sweet old fashioned glasses among your Santa Claus costume accessories.

Mr and Mrs Claus GlassesBuy Now At Costumes For SantaOld Fashioned GlassesBuy Now At Costumes For Santa

Rubie’s Adult Novelty Round Santa Glasses, Metallic, One SizeRound Wire Rim Glasses Costume AccessoryMr & Mrs Santa GlassesSunnywood Men’s Santa Metal Frame Glasses, Gold, One SizeSanta Glasses

Santa Claus Costume Accessories –  Santa Toy Bags

Seriously, who’s Santa Claus without his huge Santa toy bag?  That ever-full enormous bag of toys that helps us all believe in magic, just like Santa does.  Professional Santa Claus or homie Santa Claus, you have to include just the right Santa toy bag among your Santa Claus costume accessories.

Plush Santa’s Toy BagBuy Now At Costumes For SantaStenciled Santa’s Toy BagBuy Now At Costumes For Santa

Velvet Santa’s Gift Sack with Cord DrawstringSunnywood Men’s Santa Drawstring Gift Bag, Red, One SizeForum Novelties Men’s Santa Toy Bag, Red, One SizeHalco Velvet Santa Toy Bag Red Sunnywood Men’s Santa Green Drawstring Gift BagSanta ‘Merry Christmas’ Toy Sack

Santa Costume Accessories For Sale On eBay

When you’re looking for something as important as Santa Claus costume accessories, it’s always worth your while to make a stop over at eBay.  You might find the most unique Santa wig and/or beard, the best Santa belt, or some other part of your costume accessories that you didn’t know you wanted.

Santa Claus Costume Accessories

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