Essential Pilgrims Halloween Costumes For The Whole Family

Pilgrims Halloween costumes come in a variety of styles for both adults and children. They’re fun to wear for Thanksgiving, as well as for Halloween.

Many people also find these Pilgrim costumes convenient for theater productions!  Think of your kids in beautiful pilgrims Halloween costumes for their school plays or church functions.  They’ll be adorable!

Pilgrims settled the Plymouth Colony in present-day Plymouth, Massachusetts. They left England and sailed across the sea for religious freedom.  The pilgrims had a rough time during their first Winter here.

Native Americans showed them how to hunt and farm in their new land.  Thanks to the Native Americans the pilgrims survived and thrived.

You and your family will have fun dressing as pilgrims this year for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Participate in parades and Fall festivals wearing your own pilgrim costume. You have lots of costume selections to choose from here.

Hey don’t forget to have someone dress up in turkey Halloween costumes!

Image: Priscilla and John Alden, Boston Public Library, Commons 2.0

Pilgrim Costumes Kids Will Love

Kids will enjoy dressing as a Pilgrim for Halloween or Thanksgiving. These pilgrim costumes are perfect for school parties & plays.  Parades and church functions are more fun with pilgrim costumes kids can dress up in.  Below you will find fun Pilgrim Halloween costumes and accessories for boys and girls of all ages.

Thanksgiving Historical Clothing Handmade Costume -Pilgrim GirlThanksgiving Historical Clothing Handmade Costume -Pilgrim Girl

Girls Pilgrim CostumeGirls Pilgrim CostumeBoys Pilgrim CostumeBoys Pilgrim Costume

Pilgrim Girl Child CostumePilgrim Girl Child CostumePilgrim Girl CostumePilgrim Girl CostumePilgrim Child Costume Accessory SetPilgrim Child Costume Accessory SetCalifornia Costumes Pilgrim Boy CostumeCalifornia Costumes Pilgrim Boy CostumeForum Novelties Pilgrim Boy CostumeForum Novelties Pilgrim Boy CostumeRubie's Pilgrim Boy Child's CostumeRubie’s Pilgrim Boy Child’s Costume

Pilgrims Halloween Costumes for Men & Women

Below you will find fun Pilgrims Halloween costumes for men and women. Teens can also wear these costumes for Halloween or Thanksgiving, or other events that call for dressing as a pilgrim.

Puritan Pilgrim Costume (Bust 34Puritan Pilgrim Costume (Bust 34″/Waist 29″)

Pilgrim / Puritan Lady CostumePilgrim / Puritan Lady CostumePilgrim Man CostumePilgrim Man CostumePilgrim Man CostumePilgrim Man CostumePilgrim Man CostumePilgrim Man CostumePilgrim man costumePilgrim man costumePilgrim Woman CostumePilgrim Woman CostumePilgrim Set, Lady CostumePilgrim Set, Lady CostumePilgrim Lady CostumePilgrim Lady CostumePilgrim Lady Adult CostumePilgrim Lady Adult Costume

California Costumes Men's Pilgrim ManCalifornia Costumes Men’s Pilgrim ManCalifornia Costumes Women's Pilgrim WomanCalifornia Costumes Women’s Pilgrim WomanForum Novelties Pilgrim Man CostumeForum Novelties Pilgrim Man CostumePilgrim Woman Costume KitPilgrim Woman Costume KitForum Novelties Pilgrim Woman CostumeForum Novelties Pilgrim Woman CostumeWoman's Pilgrim CostumeWoman’s Pilgrim CostumePilgrim Lady Adult CostumePilgrim Lady Adult CostumePilgrim Lady Adult CostumePilgrim Lady Adult CostumePlus-Size Pilgrim Man CostumePlus-Size Pilgrim Man Costume

Pilgrims Halloween Costumes On eBay

Pilgrim Halloween Costumes
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