Your Hellraiser Pinhead Costume Will Be The Fright Of The Party

Ready For Your Hellraiser Pinhead Costume?

One of the scariest characters from Hellraiser is Pinhead. In fact, he’s one of the scariest characters I’ve ever seen.  And that’s saying alot because I’ve never seen the movie.  Nope, too scared!

It always happens that the scariest characters from the movies – like Pinhead from Hellraiser – become very popular for Halloween hijinks!  Oh dear!

Hellraiser Pinhead costume kits and masks come in adult and children sizes for your frightful pleasure.

These Hellraiser Pinhead Halloween costumes are available from a few different retailers.  I’ve done all the searching for you and put them together here.  This way you can get the lowest price possible, or find costumes in stock when the other site has run out. Either way, you will find the perfect Hellraiser Pinhead costume below.

Hellraiser costumes for men and children are a great choice for fans of the movie, or just anyone who is looking for a creepy and scary costume for Halloween or costume parties.

Image:  Pinhead by Kevin Pritchard on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Hellraiser Pinhead Halloween Costumes

These Hellraiser Pinhead Halloween costumes come with masks or you can purchase a more authentic Pinhead mask to complete your costume outfit.

Men's Hellraiser Pinhead Costume LicensedMen’s Hellraiser Pinhead Costume LicensedSmiffy's Men's Pinhead CostumeSmiffy’s Men’s Pinhead CostumeHellraiser Men's Costume PinheadHellraiser Men’s Costume Pinhead

More Hellraiser Pinhead Halloween Costumes

Here are some more choices for Pinhead costumes and masks in adult sizes. If you are a Pinhead fan and want an authentic looking costume, these are the costume kits you should check out.  Do you like to shop for the lowest price online? It’s the whole point of shopping on the internet, right? I’ve done the work for you and found these other Hellraiser Pinhead Halloween costumes. Check out the deals this retailer has on Pinhead costumes for Halloween.

Children Sized Hellraiser Pinhead Costumes for Halloween

Children can dress up as Pinhead for Halloween too with these child size Hellraiser costumes. Click on the images for complete details on each costume kit.

Hellraiser Pinhead CostumeHellraiser Pinhead Costume

Hellraiser Pinhead Contact Lenses

Here are black contact lenses that will turn your eyes a deep dark color and put the finishes touches on your creepy looking Hellraiser Pinhead Halloween costumes. It’s a must have item if you really want to look like Pinhead for Halloween.

Hellraiser Contact Lenses

Hellraiser Pinhead Costume Masks

Just want the mask for your costume?  No problem!  Here are some pretty good masks I found.

Men's Smiffy Pinhead Mask Deluxe MaskMen’s Smiffy Pinhead Mask Deluxe MaskMen's Horror Hellraiser III Pinhead Latex MaskMen’s Horror Hellraiser III Pinhead Latex MaskGhoulish Masks Pinhead Deluxe Adult MaskGhoulish Masks Pinhead Deluxe Adult Mask

Hellraiser Pinhead Halloween Costumes On eBay

And if all those Hellraiser Pinhead Halloween costumes weren’t scary enough for you, eBay might just have what you’re looking for. I love shopping eBay for not only bargains and sales, but you can also find some out of the ordinary items if you check regularly. Let’s see what they have in the way of Hellraiser Pinhead Halloween costumes!

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