Halloween Haunted House Ideas

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Halloween Haunted House IdeasWelcome to our Halloween Haunted House Ideas! We have some ghoulish Halloween haunted house decorating ideas  for a super fun Halloween.

Every year as the leaves start to turn colors and fall, a brisk, cool wind starts to blow and something happens in every neighborhood in America.

Here and there, normal everyday houses turn into scary haunted frights at night ~ Halloween Haunted Houses!

I know you’ve seen it. The mild mannered neighbor you thought you knew, suddenly transforms his house into the best Halloween Haunted House you have never seen.

Well you can do that too!  That is what we’re here to help you with.  You’ll find some spooky Halloween Haunted House Ideas here for your information and pleasure.

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Ye Olde Halloween Haunted House Ideas

Remember those great neighborhood families that would go all out to create a haunted house for Halloween trick or treaters?  We squealed with delight every time something scary popped out at us.

There was a wonderful house just like that where I grew up in Laredo, Texas.  The family had one child and he was a teenager in high school back then.  Every year we could count on being scared out of our wits on that creepy walk from their front fence gate to their front door.

Their house was fully decked out with spider webs and skeletons and lots of other cool stuff.  The boy would hide behind one of their flower bushes or their giant Pampas grass bush in the front yard.  As we came in the gate, he’d run out and scare us right out of our shoes.

You can create treasured memories like that with your kids and the neighborhood kids, too.  Talk about creating fun memories!  Don’t forget the camera!

How Do We Create The Best Halloween Haunted Houses?

You might want to start shopping around early for some great deals on some Halloween haunted house props. The props you want are the ones that will turn your manicured front yard into part of a spooky haunted house.  That will keep the trick or treaters squealing with horror…oh I mean, delight!

So, let’s start from the bottom and work our way up. These are some ideas for scary Halloween haunted house props for the lawn.

Zombie Woman Ground Breaker PropZombie Woman Ground Breaker PropGround Breaker PropGround Breaker PropZombie Ground Breaker Lawn DecorationZombie Ground Breaker Lawn DecorationUp From Down Under PropUp From Down Under Prop


You get the idea.  These ground breakers are perfect Halloween haunted house ideas to create the foundation of your Halloween haunted house.

If you can, set some soft lights behind or around them to add to the creepy atmosphere.  Yikes! Use the lighting to create shadows, but keep the lights as low as is safely possible. Don’t light their way too brightly!

Halloween 2014 decorations & 10 Tips for Haunted House Building

Freaky Frightening Props For Halloween Haunted Houses

Your Halloween haunted house will be the ghoul-est!

Hanging Upside Down Cobweb MummyHanging Upside Down Cobweb Mummy3 Pc Witch Stake Cauldron Pot Solar Lantern3 Pc Witch Stake Cauldron Pot Solar Lantern


Swinging Decrepit Dessie Doll Animated PropSwinging Decrepit Dessie Doll Animated PropGraveyard Snatching Reaper Animated PropGraveyard Snatching Reaper Animated Prop


Tips To Make Your Halloween Haunted House Creepy

Halloween Haunted House Ideas & Tips

Your Halloween haunted house will thrill your visitors if you can set the right feeling through and through. Nothing disappoints me more than a haunted house that has tons of special effects just thrown together – especially strobe lights and loud screams. Duh!

  • Use the lighting to make your Halloween haunted house creepier. Try setting the lights low to the ground or hang them high to stretch those shadows. Use color to add to that scary ambiance ~ soft yellows or greens and maybe some black lights.
  • The sound effects should give you goose bumps of fear! Dogs snarling and growling as background sounds (hell hounds!). Whispers and soft laughter in other areas, maybe even soft crying. Watch the volume. Too loud and they’ll just be irritating. You want the sound just low enough to give your visitors goose bumps.
  • Keep the props simple and related to a theme. Don’t just throw in everything and the kitchen sink. Think of a local ghost story or a regionally famous haunting to reenact. Or set up your favorite scary movie ~ the Exorcist movies STILL scare me out of my wits!

Elsewhere on this page I’ve included links and videos for more terrifying tips for your Halloween haunted house. Have fun with yours!

Scary Sounds CDScary Sounds CDParty Fog Machine 1000W with RemoteParty Fog Machine 1000W with Remote


How To Create A Spooky Halloween Graveyard

A display like this would make a great ‘entrance’ to your haunted house. I particularly like the rats!

Mini RatsMini RatsBlack Spider Animated PropBlack Spider Animated PropBlack Jute Halloween Fabric Roll 6ftBlack Jute Halloween Fabric Roll 6ftCreepy Cemetery Kit 12pcCreepy Cemetery Kit 12pcBoneyard Flashing Eyes TombstoneBoneyard Flashing Eyes TombstoneLight-Up Rotting Hanging PropLight-Up Rotting Hanging Prop


Halloween Haunted House Links For More Tips & Ideas

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TLC Cooking “How to Make a “Find Your Way Blind” Haunted House (With Food!)”
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Halloween Haunted House Ideas Can Be Scary or funny

It all just depends on what you want to do. You may want to have a little somethin’ somethin’to scare the kiddies as they go trick or treating,you may want to transform your whole house into one big scare or you may want to turn your front yard into a scary cemetery scene.

Whatever you decide a great place to get more Halloween haunted house ideas is a website called The Monster List of Halloween Projects. This website has a wide variety of ideas that might just inspire you. If you are even a little bit handy, you will probably be able to do most of the projects.

Do You Like Creepy Halloween Haunted Houses?

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