Grab Your Downright Frightening Annabelle Halloween Costume Today

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Annabelle Halloween CostumeBlow your friends away with your Annabelle Halloween costume.  A favorite of horror movie fans, the Annabelle costume is a cosplay favorite, too.

What is it with scary clowns and scary dolls?  Yikes!  I told you I never saw any of the Chucky movies right?

When I first saw the Annabelle Halloween costume, it completely freaked me out.  Scary clown costumes are bad enough, but a haunted doll?

I knew there’d be an Annabelle costume from the time we caught the first glimpse of her in the first The Conjuring movie.   She just had that look, you know?

Thanks to the Annabelle Creation movie being her latest appearance, the possessed doll has her own fan base.  You know what that means, an Annabelle Halloween costume will be a popular costume for awhile.

Image: Annabelle Costume by CostumesbyEyes on Etsy

Rubie's Costume Co Annabelle Horror Mask with WigRubie’s Costume Co Annabelle Horror Mask with Wig

Don’t be surprised if people act a little…funny when they see you in this mask. I mean, they may just scream and run away! Just sayin’

This is an adult 3/4 size mask with a wig. It’s meant for ages 17 and older.

Combine it with one of the dress costumes and wigs further down this page for one frightful costume!

Why not throw an Annabelle party when the movie comes out on DVD. Ok well, maybe not.

Just call me the super chicken!

Annabelle Halloween Costume Tutorial

This is a cute, quirky Annabelle makeup tutorial from ellimacs sfx makeup on YouTube. The result is not the horrifying face that’s usually presented, but still a creepy, creepy Annabelle doll face.



Annabelle Halloween Costume Accessories

Somehow the commercial costumes for Annabelle just don’t do her justice, do they?  Want to consider building your own costume?  Combined with the makeup tutorial above, you can put together a pretty good costume.

Annabelle Style Cosplay Wig Brown Long Hair Double Braid With Straight BangsAnnabelle Style Cosplay Wig Brown Long Hair Double Braid With Straight BangsAnnabelle Wig Conjuring Cosplay Long Light Brown Double Tails Hair AccessoriesAnnabelle Wig Conjuring Cosplay Long Light Brown Double Tails Hair AccessoriesHalloween Party Online Annabelle Costume, White Adult HC-314Halloween Party Online Annabelle Costume, White Adult HC-314Forum Novelties Women's Medieval Chemise Costume AccessoryForum Novelties Women’s Medieval Chemise Costume Accessory

Get A Handmade Annabelle Halloween Costume At Etsy

Leave it to the wonderful sewists at Etsy to whip up some Annabelle costumes. These are amazing, aren’t they? Some are made to order, too. You can’t go wrong with one of these.

Annabelle DressAnnabelle DressInspired Annabelle Child Costume CosplayInspired Annabelle Child Costume Cosplay

Check eBay For Annabelle Halloween Costumes

I never miss a chance to shop at eBay. I searched for Annabelle Halloween costumes over there and this is what I found.

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