Hottest Gothic Vampire Halloween Costumes

Vampire Halloween CostumesVampire Halloween Costumes

Vampire Halloween Costumes are always big favorites. Now you can go to the Halloween party dressed in a sexy gothic Vampire Halloween Costume.

From our favorite Twilight vampires to Vampire Diaries and The Originals,

From Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Interview With A Vampire to Dracula Untold,

Vampire costumes in TV and movies today are gorgeous period pieces.

Remember the creepy Nosferatu movie and costume?   The tuxedo and tails Bela Lugosi wore?  And that infamous black cape!

Today’s vampires seduce you to them with their sultry, smoldering look. Even so, there are vampire costumes for everyone.  I rustled up a whole closet full of vampire Halloween costumes just for you!

I love the Victorian style vampire costumes, don’t you? Don’t miss the ‘Vampire Diaries’ makeup tutorial further down this page. It’s easy and looks Hot, Hot, Hot!

Featured Image:  The Vampire Lestat by Jim H on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Vampire Halloween Costumes for Men

Did you ever notice that vampire costumes lean toward the Victorian period?  I think that’s curious, since vampires have been around for thousands of years, don’t you?  lol

Some of my favorite costumes tend to be inspired by the colonial period, like The Vampire Lestat.  I’ll keep a lookout for more hot vampire costumes for men.

MEN'S GOTHIC VAMPIRE COSTUMEMEN’S GOTHIC VAMPIRE COSTUMEVampire CostumeVampire CostumeVersailles Vampire CostumeVersailles Vampire CostumeMidnight Vampire CostumeMidnight Vampire CostumeMens Deluxe Vampire CostumeMens Deluxe Vampire CostumeNocturnal Count Vampire CostumeNocturnal Count Vampire CostumeNight Fiend CostumeNight Fiend CostumeADULT DELUXE MEN'S VAMPIRE COSTUMEADULT DELUXE MEN’S VAMPIRE COSTUME


Vampire Halloween Costumes for Women

Some of the vampire Halloween costumes for women are beautiful, aren’t they? I like the ones that are based around elegant gowns. Nice!  I’ll bet you can find a vampire costume you’ll love right here.

Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress CostumeDelightfully Dreadful Vampiress CostumeDeluxe Vampira CostumeDeluxe Vampira CostumeWomen's Classic Vampire CostumeWomen’s Classic Vampire CostumeVersailles Vampiress CostumeVersailles Vampiress CostumeWomen's Elegant Vampiress CostumeWomen’s Elegant Vampiress CostumeWomen's Elegant Victorian Vamp CostumeWomen’s Elegant Victorian Vamp CostumeWomen's Vampire Queen CostumeWomen’s Vampire Queen CostumeWomen's Plus Size Vampire Vixen CostumeWomen’s Plus Size Vampire Vixen Costume


Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Vampire Makeup

Add a bit of fun to your vampire costume with vampire makeup. Here’s a great makeup tutorial to get you started. I love watching these; I always end up with even more costume ideas! LOL

Vampire Halloween Costumes for Boys

Young vampires also enjoy gothic elegant vampire Halloween costumes for boys.  Your young man will look dashing at any costume party. Just watch out for those teeth!


Vampire Halloween Costumes for Girls

Vampire Halloween Costumes and Accessories

I love these little vampire Halloween costumes for girls.  Remember Kirsten Dunst in Interview With The Vampire?  She was so sweet looking.  Yikes!  These vampire costumes for girls are so adorable! I bet you’re going to have a hard time picking one!


Vampire Halloween Make Up, Costumes, and Accessories

Fashion conscious vampires know that the look isn’t complete without the best vampire costume accessories. Here are some of the very best in trendy vampire costume accessories for that special nite on the town.

Fully Lined Deluxe Vampire Cape IIFully Lined Deluxe Vampire Cape IIBlack Lace Fingerless GlovesBlack Lace Fingerless GlovesGothic Rose Top Hat Costume AccessoryGothic Rose Top Hat Costume AccessoryHandmade Vintage Vampire Lady Necklace ChokerHandmade Vintage Vampire Lady Necklace ChokerElope Gothic Vampire BK/RoseElope Gothic Vampire BK/RoseElegant Necklace Vampire AccessoriesElegant Necklace Vampire AccessoriesLiving Nightmare Blood 1 oz. Tube (Standard)Living Nightmare Blood 1 oz. Tube (Standard)Vampire Goth Emo Blood Drop Adhesive JewelsVampire Goth Emo Blood Drop Adhesive JewelsLuxury Mask Elena Vampire Diaries Masquerade MaskLuxury Mask Elena Vampire Diaries Masquerade MaskWomen's Vampire Wig,Black,One SizeWomen’s Vampire Wig,Black,One SizeCan You Imagine Special FX FangsCan You Imagine Special FX Fangs


Best Vampire Halloween Costume Deals On eBay

Enjoy a wonderful selection of vampire Halloween costumes on eBay.  eBay is a great place to find unique costumes and accessories for Halloween.  Better hurry!  These costumes go fast!

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