Hurry For your Fun Eleven Stranger Things Costume For Halloween

Eleven Stranger Things Costume

The Eleven Stranger Things costume is a hot costume this year.  It’s a favorite at comic cons and other cosplay events.

Halloween is of course the ideal time to wear the Eleven Stranger Things costume.  Wear it to parties, cosplay events, and trick-or-treating.

I have to admit that I was a late comer to this one.  My hubby watched it and kept trying to get me to watch it too.  When I finally got around to checking it out, I was glued.  Yep, binge-watched it.

With the Season 2 premiere coming up, it’s the perfect time to have a Stranger Things Party!

Have everyone come dressed as their favorite Stranger Things characters.  Don’t forget the Eggos! Pass the pop rocks around and tune in.  I’ll see you at the party!

Image:  Stranger Things Poster 24in x 36in TV Show by Poster

Stranger Things Eleven Costume

3 Pack - Demure Print Hospital Gown with Ties - One Size Fits All3 Pack – Demure Print Hospital Gown with Ties – One Size Fits All

Eleven’s hospital gown costume only exists as a costume for adult women. But hey, we can do better than that!

This hospital gown shows “one size fits all.” One of the reviewers does mention that her daughter and friends used the gown for Halloween costumes.

So, let’s put our heads together here. What else will we need to create Eleven Halloween Costume Stranger Things style?

If you have any old wires around that you DON’T need anymore, they would come in handy. You know, for that rig they put on her head when they were doing tests on her.

Don’t forget a bit of blood for her nosebleed.

Adult Eleven Hospital Gown Costume - Stranger ThingsAdult Eleven Hospital Gown Costume – Stranger Things

This is the adult version of the Eleven Stranger Things costume for her hospital gown.

It’s weird that they would have a girl’s costume for an adult and not for a girl. What am I missing here?

This costume comes with the head piece. The socks are not included.

It’s an officially licensed costume at Spirit Halloween.

Great costume, right?

Stranger Things Eleven Costume Makeup Tutorial

Here’s a clever makeup tutorial for making your Eleven Halloween costume the best.  If you’re going with the hospital gown costume, this should be helpful.

Eleven Halloween Costume

This is the Eleven Halloween costume from Stranger Things that we all love. At Spirit Halloween the officially licensed costume is available in child and adult sizes. The girl’s costume includes the socks but not the shoes. The adult costume is just the dress. Cute right?

Kids Eleven Dress Costume - Stranger ThingsKids Eleven Dress Costume – Stranger ThingsAdult Replica Eleven Costume - Stranger ThingsAdult Eleven Costume – Stranger Things

Another Set Of Eleven Stranger Things Costumes

These women’s Eleven Stranger Things costumes are from Amazon. Be sure to read the listings closely because some will come with the socks and shoes and some won’t. The most identifiable part of Eleven’s costume is the shirred bodice.  Other pink dresses are available, too.  But these just say, Eleven!

Girl's Pink Eleven Cosplay Dress CostumeGirl’s Pink Eleven Cosplay Dress CostumeEleven Dress and SocksEleven Dress and SocksStrange Girl Women's Costume, Small, PinkStrange Girl Women’s Costume, Small, Pink

Eleven Stranger Things Costume Accessories

Round out your Halloween costume with these perfectly Eleven costume accessories. Don’t forget to take pictures!

Skater Socks 22Skater Socks 22″ Knee High Tube SocksFranco Strange Girl Wig (Blonde)Franco Strange Girl Wig (Blonde)First Class 100% Nylon WindbreakerFirst Class 100% Nylon WindbreakerSport-Tek Youth Hooded Raglan JacketSport-Tek Youth Hooded Raglan JacketConverse Kids Classic Hi Top SneakerConverse Kids Classic Hi Top SneakerWomens Converse All Star High TopWomens Converse All Star High TopCute Children Silicone Calculator WatchCute Children Silicone Calculator WatchCoagulated Blood Gel Costume MakeupCoagulated Blood Gel Costume Makeup

Don’t Forget Eleven’s Tatoo!

It’s all about the details! Be sure to pick up one of these temporary tatoos for your Eleven Halloween costume. All you need now is a box of Eggos and a crushed Coke can and you’re good to go!

011 Stranger Things Temporary Tattoo - Stranger Things Costume011 Stranger Things Temporary Tattoo – Stranger Things Costume


Try eBay For Your Eleven Halloween Costume From Stranger Things

I never miss a chance to shop at eBay.  Let me tell you, yes you CAN find just about anything there.  How about these Eleven Halloween costumes?

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