Eerie Ghost Costumes To Haunt Your Halloween

Wear any of these eerie ghost costumes to haunt your Halloween parties and events this year. There are eerie ghost costumes featured here for men, women, and children, so your entire family can haunt the town together as ghosts.

You will find ghost costumes in white and black showcased here, and all have a haunting appeal to them that will get you noticed and make others run in fear.  These aren’t your Casper The Friendly Ghost type costumes either.  You can wear these costumes and add a little makeup and create some chilling effects perfect for Halloween night!

Enjoy ghost costumes by wearing them to the haunted house attraction and see what reactions you get.  Wear a ghost costume to the office party, local Halloween festival or your own costume party.  Answer the door on Halloween night dressed as a ghost and give your trick or treaters chills and thrills.

If you are looking for a cool Halloween costume this year, consider one of these eerie ghost Halloween costumes, and let the haunting begin.

Eerie Ghost Costumes for Men

From ghost pirates to ghostly nobility and more, men will love these eerie ghost costumes. There is quite a nice variety of designs to choose from, so every man can find the perfect ghost costume this year.

Men's Ghost Captain CostumeMen’s Ghost Captain CostumeMen's Ghostly Gent CostumeMen’s Ghostly Gent CostumeCool Ghoul CostumeCool Ghoul CostumeMen's Floating Ghost CostumeMen’s Floating Ghost CostumeMen's Ghostly Groom AdultMen’s Ghostly Groom AdultMen's Ghost Ship CostumeMen’s Ghost Ship CostumeMen's Ghost Groom CostumeMen’s Ghost Groom CostumeMen's Ghost Undertaker CostumeMen’s Ghost Undertaker CostumeMen's Ghost CostumeMen’s Ghost CostumeGhost Pirate - StandardGhost Pirate – StandardJacob Marley Spirit CostumeJacob Marley Spirit CostumeGhost Ship Pirate Shipmate CostumeGhost Ship Pirate Shipmate Costume


Eerie Ghost Costumes for Women

Women can be a ghost bride, a ghost demon, a ghostly gal, and more, with these eerie ghost costumes for women. Add frightening makeup along with your outfit, and you’ll be ready to haunt the neighborhood, or at least the local parties.

Haunting Beauty Ghost Spirit CostumeHaunting Beauty Ghost Spirit CostumeGhost Town Widow Costume with HatGhost Town Widow Costume with HatGHOSTLY GAL CostumeGHOSTLY GAL CostumeHaunting Beauty Ghost CostumeHaunting Beauty Ghost CostumeThe Haunted Adult Ghost CostumeThe Haunted Adult Ghost CostumeSpirit Of The Seas Pirate Ghost CostumeSpirit Of The Seas Pirate Ghost CostumeDeluxe Victorian Ghost Bride CostumeDeluxe Victorian Ghost Bride CostumeGhostly Soul Seeker CostumeGhostly Soul Seeker CostumeWomen's Ghostly Bride AdultWomen’s Ghostly Bride AdultPlus-Size Ghost Ship Ghoulina CostumePlus-Size Ghost Ship Ghoulina CostumeGothic Manor Ghost Bride CostumeGothic Manor Ghost Bride CostumeGhost Ship Princess CostumeGhost Ship Princess CostumeBloodless Bride CostumeBloodless Bride CostumeGhost White Tutu SkirtGhost White Tutu SkirtCorpse Countess CostumeCorpse Countess CostumeCostume Culture Women's My Spirit Lady Ghost CostumeCostume Culture Women’s My Spirit Lady Ghost Costume


Eerie Ghost Costumes for Kids

Kids will delight in these eerie ghost Halloween costumes! There’s something here for boys and girls in a variety of designs and sizes.

Cool Ghoul CostumeCool Ghoul CostumeBig Girls' Ghostly Spirit CostumeBig Girls’ Ghostly Spirit CostumeRubies Child's Ghost CostumeRubies Child’s Ghost CostumeGhost Ship Pirate Boy's CostumeGhost Ship Pirate Boy’s CostumeMetal Skull Biker Rider CostumeMetal Skull Biker Rider CostumeGossamer Ghost Hooded CapeGossamer Ghost Hooded CapeGhostly ghost- White robe costumeGhostly ghost- White robe costumeSkeleton Bride CostumeSkeleton Bride CostumeMidnight Spirit Child's CostumeMidnight Spirit Child’s CostumeGhost Girl - Kids CostumeGhost Girl – Kids Costume


Frighteningly Fun Ghost Costumes On eBay

Look at the fantastic ghost costumes I found on eBay!  Be sure to check out the deals and steals on ghostly costumes on eBay before they’re all gone!

Ghost Costumes
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