Dinosaur Halloween Costumes

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Dinosaur Halloween CostumesDinosaur Halloween Costumes

Fun dinosaur costumes allow kids to dress as their favorite prehistoric creature for Halloween, or any time they just want to have fun.

Kids love dinosaurs, and it’s no wonder. They are interesting, mysterious, larger-than-life creatures that we love learning more about.

You’ll find a great variety of dinosaur Halloween costumes here for kids of all ages. You and your child can have a roaring good time dressing as dinosaurs this year!

How about a dinosaur birthday party or sleepover party? Provide dinosaur costumes for all of the guests at these low prices. It’ll be a blast!

Infants, toddlers, kids and teens can all dress as dinosaurs any time they want with these cool dinosaur costumes for kids.  Toddlers and younger children especially love dinosaur costumes for playing dress up.

Featured Image: Halloween In Dushanbe by Prince Roy on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Dinosaur Costumes For Kids

I’ve never understood why kids love dinosaurs so much.  You’d think they’d be scared of the huge, scary monsters. But I do know we never outgrow that love.  What better way to let our kids show their love for the prehistoric giants than to let them wear their dinosaur costumes actually anytime they want.   Great for games of pretend or for parties, your kids will have lots of fun with their dinosaur Halloween costumes.

Toddler Tiny Triceratops CostumeToddler Tiny Triceratops CostumeToddler Tiny Triceratops CostumeDinosaur Infant/Toddler CostumeDinosaur Infant/Toddler CostumeDinosaur Infant/Toddler Costume


Child Spinosaurus CostumeChild Spinosaurus CostumeChild Spinosaurus CostumeKids Dilophosaurus CostumeKids Dilophosaurus CostumeKids Dilophosaurus CostumeGirls Tilly T-Rex Dino CostumeGirls Tilly T-Rex Dino CostumeGirls Tilly T-Rex Dino CostumeToddler T-Rex CostumeToddler T-Rex CostumeToddler T-Rex Costume


All these sweet tiny dino costumes are soooo cute, right? Be sure and visit HalloweenCostumes.com, Halloween Express and Amazon to see just how many there are! It’s incredible the selection they have.

Toddler Triceratops CostumeToddler Triceratops CostumeHalloween ExpressInfant Hatching T-Rex CostumeInfant Hatching T-Rex CostumeHalloween ExpressToddler Stegosaurus CostumeToddler Stegosaurus CostumeHalloween ExpressToddler T-Rex CostumeToddler T-Rex CostumeHalloween ExpressToddler Triceratops CostumeToddler Triceratops CostumeHalloween ExpressBoy's T-Rex CostumeBoy’s T-Rex CostumeHalloween Express


Dinosaur Halloween Costumes For Adults

Rubie's Adult Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur CostumeRubie’s Adult Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur CostumeRubie's Adult Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

We all know this fellow don’t we? You’ve seen him at weddings, sports games, marathons and so many other places I can’t even remember. I guess you could say he’s a world famous dinosaur!

He’s inflatable and measures 84″ tall, 24″ wide at the shoulders and the tail is 33″ long (all when inflated). His handsome self is 100% nylon but should be hand washed.

The costume is an officially licensed Jurassic Park dino, so do treat him like the star he is!

And look! He’s got friends! Click on the image and check out all this buddies, including the velociraptors!


Like I said, we never quite outgrow our love of those prehistoric creatures, do we?  Movies like Jurassic World and Godzilla are proof of that!  If you’ve got some Halloween parties scheduled or you’re giving one yourself, dinosaur Halloween costumes would be such a blast to wear.  Don’t forget that dinosaur Halloween costumes would also be a big hit for fund-raisers, festivals, parades and more.

Dinosaur Costume for Adults Inflatable TriceratopsDinosaur Costume for Adults Inflatable TriceratopsDinosaur Costume for Adults Inflatable TriceratopsInflatable Costumes Adult Dinosaur CostumesInflatable Costumes Adult Dinosaur CostumesInflatable Costumes Adult Dinosaur CostumesAdult Dilophosaurus Dinosaur CostumeAdult Dilophosaurus Dinosaur CostumeAdult Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Costume9393″ Adult Inflatable Dinosaur Costume Triceratop93


Dinosaur Costumes On eBay

eBay always has a great selection of costumes and you better believe dinosaur Halloween costumes are in no short supply either.  Keep an eye on their new listings for really unique costumes, but why not start out with these dinosaur Halloween costumes?  Better hurry ~ they’ll go fast!

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