Adorable Care Bear Halloween Costumes For Kids & Adults

Cute Care Bear Halloween Costumes

The Care Bears are a group of multi-colored bear characters created by American Greetings Corporation, LLC in 1981. Little girls (and even adults) will enjoy dressing as their favorite Care Bear for Halloween and other costume events.

Dress-up play is important in children’s development, so be sure to keep some of these Care Bear Halloween costumes on hand at home for dress-up play, too.

These costumes are simple to wear, too, and no makeup is required to make them look complete. Simply add socks and shoes, and you or your child will be ready to go out on the town dressed as a cute Care Bear.

Care Bear Costumes

Featured Image:  Our Very Own Little Care Bear by Niklas Gustavsson on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Disguise Inc – Care Bears Cheer Bear Deluxe Plush Costume

Care Bear Costumes for Kids

Kids will love dressing as a cute Care Bear for Halloween or other occasions. They have lots of cool Care Bear costumes to choose from below. Your little bear cub will look so sweet in one of these Care Bear Halloween costumes.

Baby Girl’s Care Bears Wonderheart Bear Deluxe CostumeDisguise Care Bears Grumpy Bear Deluxe CostumeBaby Bedtime Care Bear CostumeTenderheart Care Bear Baby CostumeChamp Care Bear Baby CostumeCare Bears Wonderheart Bear Infant ClassicCare Bears Grumpy Bear Classic CostumeCare Bears Toddler Costume: Cheer Bear

Care Bear Costumes for Adults

Adults can join in the fun of dressing as their favorite Care Bear character too, with these adult Care Bear Halloween costumes. Cuteness doesn’t have to stop with kids! Imagine dressing as parent-child Care Bears or even the whole family being Care Bears for a party or for trick or treating. Now that IS cute!

Women’s Care Bears 2 Piece Funshine BearWomen’s Care Bears 2 Piece Cheer BearWomen’s Care Bears Bedtime BearWomen’s Care Bears Cheer BearCare Bears Good Luck Bear CostumeAdult Care Bears Grumpy Bear CostumeMen’s Grumpy Bear CostumeMen’s Tenderheart Bear Costume

Cute Care Bear Halloween Costumes For Sale On eBay

I found the cutest little Care Bear costumes for kids and adults on eBay. Take a look at these costumes and see how good the prices can be ~ and the selection too!

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